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success to chance."
James Merlino, M.D.
President Association for Patient Experience
author of “Service Fanatics”
Improve Engagement, Retention, Performance, and Career Success and Satisfaction

A consulting, coaching, research, and training firm – focused exclusively on physicians and healthcare professionals.

Specialized Executive Performance Coaching

Physician Success Programs

Build Effective Teams

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Develop Physician and Nursing Leaders

Build a Sustainable High Reliability Culture

Why is J3P Unique?

  • deep understanding of physician challenges, the physician-hospital relationship, and evolving physician demands from medical school through the C-suite.


  • Expertise in the science of self-awareness, personality and behavioral competencies, as they apply to healthcare.


  • Our work is built on extensive research on the intersection between personality and physician performance.


  • Our tools have been developed in collaboration with leading physicians, clinicians,  and academic medical programs.

Our Blog:

True Leadership, the COVID-19 Letter from Bruce Gewertz, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, to his Team at Cedars Sinai Health

By Alan Friedman | April 2, 2020

There is, rightfully, a lot of discussion about the heroic efforts of those on the front lines of caring for COVID-19 patients.  The entire healthcare and medical field, though, is in turmoil, including those whose practices and educations are on hold, with no end in sight, only so much they can do to help their…

Bob Carr, MD, MHA – Finding Purpose and Growth in the COVID-19 Crisis

By Bryan Warren | March 30, 2020

Is it Too Early to Consider How You Can Grow from the COVID-19 Crisis? For physicians, nurses and other providers, it’s hard right now to think about anything other than how to get through today, and maybe the next week.  Then there is the uncertainty about what their world will look like when we come…

High Reliability and COVID 19 – Using Huddles and Rounds

By Marty Scott | March 24, 2020

I know most of you are on the front lines of this pandemic. Your day is filled with critical decisions and endless questions:  What is our ED doing?  Do we have available ICU beds? Is our staff using PPE effectively?  What are the recommendations from the government, today? Will there be anything left in the…

Are Your Physicians Equipped to Serve on Your Board?

By Alan Friedman | March 23, 2020

The Challenges Facing Physician Boards Even before COVID 19, independent physician groups were facing daunting challenges – including how to remain independent and financially viable in the face of drastic changes to the economics of private practice. (See our recent COVID 19 notice to clients. Today, those same groups are struggling to figure out how…

"An enlightening and transformative experience for our department."

˜ Chairman, Orthopaedic Surgery

Our Clients Include:

Recent Projects:

  • A unique “Physician Success” onboarding program
  • Removing barriers to women specializing in spine surgery
  • Leveraging “The Power of Teams” to improve OR performance
  • Customized, practical physician leader training and coaching programs

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